Starlets Hospital – Family

Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much Helen Keller

Dr. Roshan J. Machado (Director)

Pediatric and Neonatologist

Dr. Roshan Machado is a skilled pediatrician and a neonatologist practicing in the northern suburbs of Mumbai since the past 10 yrs. As the face of cutting edge Starlet hospital, Borivali providing specialized pediatric newborn care, he is responsible for sharing his expertise with his patients and family. After completing his MBBS Dr. Roshan received his post-graduation MD in Pediatrics from the prestigious Seth GS Medical College and KEM hospital Mumbai in 2012.

He has practiced in the suburbs of Mumbai and associated with major hospitals and clinics in Mumbai. During his years of practice with premier institutes, Dr. Roshan has gained enormous experience managing critical newborn diseases, premature baby care, newborn ventilation, and heading newborn ICU and PICU s.  apart from vaccinations, developmental assessment, and pediatric OPD s. Dr.Roshan strives to strive to deliver care as per internationally accepted evidence-based guidelines His subject matter expert has enabled him to host a number of seminars in pediatrics and neonatology and share his knowledge among fellow pediatricians. His passion for work and quick responsiveness to his patients sets him apart from others in his community.

Dr. Roshan strongly believes in ethical practices and strives by its 4 pillars – Autonomy, Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, and Justice. Starlets Hospital was his dream project which came up as one of the best pediatric NICU centre in the northern suburb of Mumbai.

Dr. Dinesh Vyas (Hospital Admin)

Pathologist & Administrator

Dr. Dinesh Vyas our Hospital Admin  and consultant pathologist has passed MBBS in 1998 and later completed post-graduation in MD(Pathology) in 2002 from LTMMC Sion hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Vyas is extremely skilled in FNAC, USG guided biopsy, and surgical pathology, transfusion medicine, and infertility workup. His interest lies in diagnosing anemia in children, HB electrophoresis, pediatric blood cultures, POCT testing strategies in NICU, ABG, electrolytes, hospital infection control, and asepsis.

Dr. Dinesh Vyas brings in rich experience in administration from establishing exemplary projects under his direction be it a state of art pathology laboratory, blood bank, stem cell cord banking center, paramedical training institute amongst others. Dr. Dinesh Vyas is an administrator par excellence. He has the vision to see Starlets Hospital among the premier facility for newborns in Mumbai. He always has an eye on the future which has led him to build Starlets hospital in Borivali.

Apart from being one of the Directors at Starlets hospital, Dr.Vyas is also an assistant pathologist at Bhagwati municipal hospital and senior medical advisor to Biocell- umbical cord stem cell banking

Chief pathologist and founder of the following –

Dr. Devesh Tiwari

Pediatric and Neonatologist

Dr. Devesh Tiwari has been associated at Starlets Hospital since its inception. Dr. Devesh completed his MBBS from KJ Somaiya Medical College and his MD in Pediatrics from the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Sion Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Devesh further went on to pursue a fellowship in neonatology from Sion hospital. He has an illustrious academic career with merits, scholarships, and distinctions. During his 10 plus years of experience, Dr. Devesh Tiwari has served as a consultant pediatrician in Cloud nine Hospital, Malad. Previous attachments also include Shatabdi hospital and Cooper hospital.

Dr. Devesh was the in-charge and chief neonatologist of a large pediatric department and NICU Trauma Care Hospital, Jogeshwari. With his experience, skill and the desire to learn Dr. Devesh offers superior pediatric NICU care. NICU care for preterm and low birth weight babies, Vaccination, Pediatric Hematology, Phototherapy and management of jaundice, Pediatric Nutrition & Immunity are his fields of interest. Throughout his career, Dr. Devesh has been recognized and well regarded as a brilliant neonatologist by the medical community and beloved doctor by families.

A firm believer in the value of parent input in caring for their children, he combines his expert knowledge with a gentle demeanor and caring attitude to offer our children truly patient-centric medical care.

Superspeciality Pediatric consultants

Dr. Siddharth Kesarvani

Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Expertise: Retinopathy, Refractive errors and amblyopia, squint, congenital ptosis

Dr. Krupa Torne

Pediatric Neurologist

Expertise: Cerebral Palsy, Complex childhood Epilepsy, Epilepsy Surgery, Movement Disorder, Neurorehabilitation, Cerebral Palsy

Dr. Rajesh Joshi

Pediatric Endocrinologist

Expertise: Pediatric diabetes and other endocrine disorders

Dr. Bhavesh Doshi

Pediatric Surgeon

Expertise: pediatric surgery, pediatric urology, laparoscopic & general surgery.

Dr. Shruti Agarwal

Pediatric Geneticist

Expertise: Prenatal counselling, reporoductive genetics, neurological disorders, connective tissue dirorders

Dr. Samir Parekh


Expertise: Head and Spine deformities, birth injuries of the brain.

Dr. Bijal Karvir

Pediatric Gastroenterologist

Expertise: Celiac Disease Wilson Disease, pediatric liver diseases

Dr. Brinda Jain

Pediatric Nephrologist

Expertise: Renal Failure, Nephrotic Syndrome, Congenital Kidney and Urinary Tract Anomalies,Tubular disorder