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Care for Premature babies and high risk at world-class NICU /PICU Facility – Ventilator support and Phototherapy Units

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Have a look at the hospital infrastructure and facility.

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For your kid’s Vaccination shots, and other illness approached in a friendly way.

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Welcome to the Starlets Hospital

Starlets Hospital is a tertiary care Children’s hospital and NICU located in the northern suburbs of Mumbai- Borivali(west)

Dr. Roshan J. Machado our distinguished founder and Medical Director, along with his compassionate and experienced group of skilled and caring pediatricians are serving patients from birth through young adulthood. The comprehensive multi-disciplinary team includes super-specialist doctors including a neonatologists, pediatric gastroenterologist, neurologist, nephrologist, geneticist, endocrinologist, and pediatric surgeons.

At Starlets Hospital, we have state of the art NICU with the best technology available in the country. NICU facilities include 24X7 patient monitors, ventilator, CPAP, and phototherapy unit. We have a large twelve bedded NICU to serve the increasing NICU and ventilator requirements in Borivali and neighboring areas.

Our Services

Premature Babies

Care Of Newborn & Premature Babies

Our doctors always give their best , thus we are able to manage premature babies with a recovery rate of more than 95%.



With a team of skilled and knowledgeable pediatricians, we try to offer consistent and high-quality healthcare.



Knowing how picky kids are during the vaccine shot, be sure that our friendly environment will make tantrums obsolete.


Parenting is incredibly challenging and rewarding. There are many things you as a parent can do to help your child grow.



Premature babies pick their own due date but as parents you should pick the best NICU for them.

High Risk Newborn Care

High Risk Newborn Care

With all the cutting-edge equipment and staff that we have, our therapy is superior.



We give strength to our tiny patients by facilitating them with leading edge technology and utmost care”

Phototherapy Units

Regardless of the healthcare issue your child is facing, you can always afford the best possible treatment here.


Our labs are always busy with pathologists working to treat the kids in a better way at every point.


Emergency Appointments!

Be sure, that however acute the injury or the illness is, we will be there to help your child, 24/7/365!

Meet Our Pediatricians

With dozens of skilled and seasoned pediatrician’s onboard we’re your ultimate destination for all the matters of children’s healthcare.

Dr. Roshan J. Machado (Director)

Dr. Roshan J. Machado (Director)

Pediatric and Neonatologist

Dr Devesh Tiwari

Dr Devesh Tiwari

Pediatric and Neonatologist

Ensure a Healthy Childhood for Your Kiddo!

Make sure to take you child to the best healthcare clinic in the area, where quality and pricing are high and low!

Healthy Kids Means Happy Parents!

See what our former patients have to say about the treatment of their kids

Starlets hospital is very best for my child. The doctors here are great and treat the patients very nicely. I am happy that my friend recommended me this hospital.

Rupali Sagar

As the name suggests this hospital is really great for child care. I am very happy with the services of this hospital. Dr. Roshan and other doctors are very good and they take care of the patient very nicely.

Prajakta Jadhav

I have been visiting this hospital since the birth of my child. Its a really good hospital. The doctor is very helpful. Thank you doctors.

Gagan Agarwal

Tips on Food

The actual diet that your child follows thanks to you is very important for his or her healthcare.

This means that by implementig a healthy menu for you child’s breakfast, lunch and dinner is crucial!

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Autism Treatment

Having your kid diagnosed with Autism disorder is difficult to comprehend.

Embark with us on a journey to ensure a happy and social future for your child!

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Healthy Dose of Activity

Making your child be active throughout the day contributes to his or her health and wellbeing tremendously!

Include regular physical activity into your child’s daily routine. For example, walk as a family before or after meals.

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Useful Tips for Parents

Childhood Illnesses: Cold

As parents, we’re constantly encircled by what seems like a truly endless streak of miscellaneous childhood illnesses, of which the most common and widespread one is the regular cold and the flu. And considering. Assuming that you

Childhood Illnesses: RSV

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Childhood Illnesses: Gastroenteritis

Either way, thanks to all the diversity here you will be able to choose a Theme that can be either of a formal color scheme with some light colors in it or a more vivid one, featuring

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